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An update on the 2016 Anthology

The last 3 1/2 months have been spent trying our best to find a way to work around some very serious issues that arose during the judging phase of the 2016 Short Story Contest. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to work around these issues, we have had to make a very tough decision.

At this time, we have decided not to publish the 2016 anthology. Due to the issues we encountered, we have also canceled plans for future anthologies, and will not be holding another short story contest.

This was not an easy decision to make. We know that the authors of the winning stories worked very hard on their submissions, and we very much looked forward to publishing these amazing short stories. However, the quality of the remaining submissions was not up to our standards; the number of submissions that failed to follow one or more of the contest guidelines was distressingly high, and many submissions had not been edited at all, or appeared to be the first draft of a story. Attempts to correct some of the issues in stories we felt might have promise proved to be futile. In the end, we felt that cobbling together a book with what little we had that was readable would be horribly unfair to the winning stories.

In the interest of helping writers who wish to submit short stories to other contests, we’d like to point you towards this article from our friends at The Write Life – Writing Short Stories? Don’t Make These 4 Submission Mistakes

The Story Between the Stories #006 – Hey, what’s the deal with book festivals?

I’ve always loved books, as far back as I can remember. But book festivals? I never even knew there was such a thing. Then I became an author, and still didn’t know about them. Finally, I decided to actually get serious about my writing and my books; that’s when I found out about book festivals. A part of me likes to think that I would have loved attending them, had I known about them earlier; but most of me knows that the introverted guy that actually runs my social life would have balked at going, and would have probably read a book instead. Knowing what I know now, I can say I would have gotten hooked if I’d tried it. I’m definitely hooked now that I know a little more about them, from the other side of the table.


Jay on the other side of the table. Taken at the Sudden Insight Publishing booth at the 2016 LA Times Festival of Books.

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The Walking Between Worlds trilogy is complete!

Today we released the final book of J.K. Norry’s Walking Between Worlds trilogy, Fall of the Walker King.

I am proud to announce that Sudden Insight Publishing is releasing the final book in my latest trilogy today. All three books are available in both print and ebook format, and the companion tale is available for free to anyone who signs up for my newsletter. The first few chapters to all of my books are available for free as well, another way to get a sample of my style and the story.

Thanks to everyone reading, the books and the blog and anything else I might churn out. It means a lot to have you with me on this journey, in whatever form you choose to come along. Look forward to more content next year, as Sudden Insight expands its reach into audiobooks and author interviews and…possibly a podcast? We’ll see, as the next year looms pregnant with possibilities.

Contact me at to let me know what you think of the books or the blog, or with nominations for which characters you think should appear in upcoming Walking Between Worlds companion tales. Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!


You still have time to get in on the Walking Between Worlds sale! Get Demons & Angels for 99 cents, or Rise of the Walker King for $1.99! Hurry, sale ends December 3rd.

Jay on Indie Book Discovery!

Some news from Sudden Insight author Jay Norry.
Jay on Indie Book Discovery!.

Hello world, it’s Sudden Insight. Are you there?

Welcome to the Sudden Insight blog! We plan on posting articles about self publishing, our books, and more in the near future. You’ll also see reblogs from our SIP team, Jay & Dawn, as well as SIP authors.

Thanks for checking us out, and stay tuned for more!