About that anthology…

First of all, it’s still in the works. We’ve hit some bumps in the road, but we’ll address them all and keep moving toward our scheduled publication date despite them. We’ll also share a little about some of them, in the interest of transparency to what we’re up to over here at Sudden Insight Publishing. But that’s another post, truly worthy of a ‘story between the stories’ moniker. Right now, it’s time to discuss one thing.

We have chosen the winners! In case anyone forgot, this was a contest with prizes. For those that didn’t forget, thank you for your patience. The day is finally here. Rather than mix them up in some silly order that is supposed to build suspense but really just causes frustration, we’ll start with first place and go from there:

First Place goes to ‘Next Jen’, by Ian Williams. It comes with a cash prize award of $100. Congratulations, Ian Williams! This story was both touching and humorous, and a unanimous winner.

Second Place goes to ‘The Wizard’s Timepiece’, by L.G. Surgeson. It comes with a cash prize of $50. Congratulations, L.G. Surgeson! This story was well crafted and very fun to read.

Third Place goes to ‘One More Dance’, by C.A. Keith. It comes with a cash prize of $25. Congratulations, C.A. Keith! This story was sweet and tender, under some harsh layered reality.

Honorable Mention goes to ‘Brian Green the Biologist’ by Alicia Walker. Congratulations, Alicia Walker! This story had some strong things to say, and some clever ways to say them.

Sudden Insight Publishing will contact the winners shortly to distribute the cash prizes. All other entrants will be contacted individually concerning their submission. We appreciate the time and effort that went in to the stories that we received, and we are grateful for all of the submissions.

Check back here for more news on the anthology, and other Sudden Insight Publishing undertakings. Thanks for reading!

All the best,

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