Indie Book Review – The Wizard Killer by Adam Dreece

It’s time for another indie book review!. Read on and find out what Jay thought of The Wizard Killer, the latest book from Adam Dreece.

The Wizard Killer grabs you right away, and drags you from one scene to the next with wonderful ferocity. Adam Dreece had stepped smoothly from one style to another with this book, while continuing to build the layers of his ravaged steampunk world. This first-person moment-to-moment tale puts the reader right in the driver’s seat immediately; there is no time to pause, or go back, or set it down. The story is busy rushing forward, and one can’t help but rush forward right along with it.

It’s not entirely clear whether we are looking through the eyes of a good guy or bad guy here…we all look like the protagonist through our own eyes, after all. His scant memories and possible madness make him more relatable somehow, and it’s hard to keep a careful eye on both with so much going on. Most of the time, there’s nothing to do but bite your lip and keep reading, and get to know him as he gets to know himself. With his life in degrees of danger from eventually life-threatening to immediately fatal, there’s no time to wonder where the story is headed until it arrives piece by piece.

He wakes up with muddled thoughts and misplaced memories, wondering why his body just doesn’t feel right on him. But he can’t wonder; he’s got to move, to put one foot in front of the other just to find food and water. With knowledge he doesn’t know he has, and a purpose whose specifics continue to elude him, he must make his way through a world that seems to be filled with nothing but lurking enemies and potential danger. Pulling together scraps of memory and bits of knowledge with the desperation of a man glimpsing the end constantly, he forges or reveals his personality further with each challenge he faces.

A picture begins to come together time and again, only to be smashed to pieces; each time he tries to regroup, another fragment from his past collides with the rushing moment to throw his future into further uncertainty. Everything he remembers about the world seems to make it a truly frightening place to have awakened in, particularly in his shoes. It ends as it begins, with a new urgent set of questions that anyone involved in this story in any way will surely need to have answered as soon as possible.

This book was a masterful testament to Dreece’s unique feel for pacing. He knows how to draw the reader to the edge of our seat, and keep us there. He also knows when to leave off, and how to make sure we’ll be coming back for more. Each time the tale has you groping blindly in the dark, a ray of brilliant light shines forth to stun you into seeing too much. It is both delightfully frustrating and endlessly exciting, and demands that the reader lose themselves in it from the jump. This promises to be a series that will unfold in many directions, and take us on a magical journey as only Adam Dreece can. If he intended to leave us waiting impatiently for the next installment, he did a splendid job.

The Wizard Killer is out now, and on sale for just 99 cents until May 1st – get your copy at Amazon now!

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