The Story Between The Stories #005 – Our First Big Book Event

If you have only just discovered Sudden Insight Publishing, we have some exciting news! If you follow us on social media, or on our website, thank you for that…and sorry for all the book festival talk. It’s just that we’re really quite excited, and we can’t help but let it show. The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is one of the largest book showcase and sales events in the world, and Dawn and I are going!

Now, don’t worry; we aren’t expecting anything in particular. It would be awesome to sell all the books we could scrape together the money to buy, and wish we had bought more; but we are far enough into this world to know that learning and growing is the most important part of what we are doing right now. If this is a pricey learning experience, you can be sure we will get our full value from it. We have received great advice from Adam Dreece, once again, and we keep checking out what everyone else is doing so we can give the best product for the best value that we can. Thanks to Adam, and the rest of the cream that is so sweetly rising to the top.

Oh, hey, you know Michael R. Stern, right? He was silly enough to exchange a couple messages with me, not knowing that he is a bit of a personal hero of mine. I proceeded to flood his inbox with messages, and ask him and his wife a ridiculous favor (which you’ll hear more about in the future). Thanks to both Michael and Linda, for handling me with such grace.

Back to the book festival…we were hoping to bring more books than we were ordering; then they showed up and we realized how many boxes we would be transporting. I did some quick math, and realized that we would have at least five more titles by this time next year…but more likely it will be seven to ten more. That’s great for Sudden Insight Publishing’s growing library, but we may need to consider a bigger vehicle soon. We don’t want to leave any titles out; we’ll bring print copies of every author that we publish to every event, and copies of our charity anthology as well…like I said, a larger vehicle is likely in our future.

We’re doing drop cards for this event; that’s a first. We’re also bringing some Zombie Zero tote bags and t-shirts…Dawn is such a good sport, she has committed to wearing one during the event. Don’t get me wrong…Sean Harrington did an awesome job on the art, and Dawn is really quite good at putting together designs, so I know the shirts will look great; but there is a flesh-eating monster in the picture, after all. We’ve already received our Zombie Zero bookmarks; they look so cool! More thanks to Sean and Dawn! Zombie Zero will be on pre-sale during the event, though the book doesn’t actually drop until July 1st…we are finally getting it together enough to do our first 90 day pre-sale; we’re excited about that as well.

We’re also going to be working with Angela B. Chrysler, tying her Brain to Books Cyber Convention in with our presence at the festival; they’re happening the same weekend, so we’ll be setting up a table to represent her event as best we can. We have received swag from several authors participating in the convention, and we’ll have them displayed for people to look at, look into, and take home. Angela went off and set up a fund to try to help out our efforts, without saying anything to us; she’s such a sweet kind of excitable. I hope to meet that one someday, see if anyone can really be that much of a wonderfully explosive firecracker. She does so much to help us all, you know.

Joe Compton has been super busy. He’ll be doing even more than us that weekend, making the cyber convention a live feed event. We hope to contribute as much as possible during the event; we will have to see how the wi-fi situation looks. It would be perfect if we could set up a live feed on the table, so folks at the festival can say ‘hi’ to folks at the convention and see what’s going on at the fairgrounds…but there are too many things that could make that impossible to promise anything. We’ll definitely be doing something, though, thanks to Mister Compton. Meanwhile, Joe has a ton of other stuff going on as well. I’ll be getting the chance to pick his big brain again soon, and I can’t wait! You can find pathways to all of his projects, as well as watch his new indie video show, at GoIndieNow.

It has been a busy month, preparing for an even busier month; but we are happy little worker bees over here at Sudden Insight Publishing. It is so nice to see our plans and schedules coming together more smoothly, and to see the fruits of our labors begin ripening like clockwork. Dawn still needs to learn to take it easy, but she has too much to do right now. I find myself thanking her and telling her we need to get her some chill time carved out for her in the same breath; bless her heart, she agrees and goes right back to work every time.

Next month will come with another exciting announcement, maybe two. Hopefully you’ll check back then and see what we’ve been up to.

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

J.K. Norry
Author, Editor
Sudden Insight Publishing

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