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Today is the release date for Sudden Insight Publishing’s first anthology, and what an exciting day it is! It marks the end of a lot of hard work, to the projects within projects that were pulling this all together; and a beginning to all of our efforts having a chance to help a worthwhile cause. Profits from the sales of this publication will go to the SPCA, as thanks from all of the contributors to a special and worthwhile cause.

We at Sudden Insight Publishing are particularly grateful to the authors that contributed stories. Some of them were heart-wrenching, some were heart-warming, and some were just fun. . . but they all came together in the most wonderful way to make our first collaborative effort with other authors a publication to be proud of, for all of us.

This was a bit of a test run for us; we wanted to see what it was like collaborating on projects, but we also really liked the idea of publishing a collection of short stories. Both Dawn and I are fans of the short story format as readers, in many genres, and I wanted to try my hand at writing one as well. Unforeseen challenges arose, naturally, and we pushed at the quality triangle until the time line broke; but we refused to release anything that didn’t reflect our passion for publishing and for this work. This was not the first release date we set, but we are able to say that the only standard we set for ourselves and missed on this book was that initial release date. Everything else is up to our high quality standards.

There were lessons to learn here, but overall this was a very gratifying project to put together. Rather than discourage us from future anthologies, this has us already putting together the plans for the next one. We know better now what times of year to ask for submissions, how long we should give authors to respond, and that more specific guidelines give contributors a better map to follow on their journey to our e-door. We know that there are several compelling ideas already cooking for the next collection, and that we would like to do this once or twice a year; perhaps one for charity, and the other for author profit.

As far as the writing part goes, I loved the concept of a tie-in as much as I loved the idea of working within a word count guideline. There were so many stories that I got to see in my mind as I wrote the Walking Between Worlds trilogy, many of them not long enough to be books unto themselves. I chose the one that seemed the most appropriate to introduce a new reader while filling in spaces for someone who had read the first book, and the one that appealed to me most at the time. I immediately saw how much I enjoyed the fun discipline of short story writing.

Working on my next novel, Zombie Zero (#ZombieZero #TheWindsOfChangeCarryTheStenchOfRottingFlesh) has been an exciting and intense new undertaking. This is an awful lot of research for a fiction book; but I want to get all the scientific and social nuances correct, so it must be done. I am both pleasantly surprised and mildly alarmed at how much science there is out there to support the premise of the book, but. . . well, I don’t want to give too much away, do I? The short story I wrote for the Sacramento branch of the California Writer’s Club will be available later this year, and other short stories may be on the way. This book is full of interesting characters with interesting lives; but only so much of their stories will be told in the book. You wait for it, I’ll work on it, and hopefully we’ll both be very pleased with the results on release day (#ZombieZero is coming October 2016).

As always, thanks for reading (and sorry about all the #ZZ stuff, I’m just really excited); and thanks again to all of the authors who took part in the anthology, and everyone who has or will buy a copy. We look forward to writing our first check to help the compassionate work of the SPCA. Check back for monthly installments of Sudden Insight Publishing’s new column, “The Story Between The Stories”, written by yours truly. It’s just what this was, a glimpse behind the scenes at our happy little publishing company as we build our library and expand our reach. We appreciate whatever ways you have chosen to join us on this journey, and we welcome your feedback.

In particular, I would like a little feedback headed Dawn’s way. I tried to get her to write a story for the anthology; I know that her ads and blog posts and correspondence with others in the field always come out sounding clear and concise, and she certainly knows how to tell a story. Help me out here, and let Dawn know that she should write this column as often as me, or maybe just take it over entirely. That way, I can stand back with you and watch while her writing talent blossoms, and she can submit a short story for the next anthology! Too much? She’s used to it. Message her at

Once again, thanks for reading!

Jay Norry
Author, Editor
Sudden Insight Publishing

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