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From – Hypnotizing Happiness

We like to read all the neat/bizarre/interesting things that our authors & crew post on their blogs, and thought maybe you would too. SIP owner/author Jay Norry has a new post up this morning, so we had to share. Read “Hypnotizing Happiness” now –

Hypnotizing Happiness

Don’t get Scammed on Self-publishing: What are Reasonable Costs?

We’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a series of blog posts about the various costs and possible scams that a self-published author will run into. Today we read a post from Silas Payton that does a great job of going over this subject. Read on, and save yourself from possible monetary heartache in the future…

Don’t get Scammed on Self-publishing: What are Reasonable Costs? | Silas Payton.

Learn how to turn your book into an eBook.

Our journey into self publishing began in late 2013, when the vanity press that Jay used to publish “Stumbling Backasswards Into The Light” informed him that they hadn’t ever done an eBook, and weren’t sure if they could find someone who could. I began researching eBook formatting services on the internet, in an attempt to find someone that could complete what seemed to be a very important task – with such a large amount of eReaders out there, not having his book in digital format was surely hurting sales, right? My search led me to several blog posts and websites about eBook formatting, and within a day I was convinced that we didn’t need to hire someone to format the book for us, we (well, I) could format it ourselves!

The series of blog posts that I’ve linked at the end of this post served me well as I formatted “Stumbling”, and again when it was time to work on “Demons & Angels”. A little HTML knowledge is helpful (basic HTML is a good thing for everyone to learn), but not completely necessary if you follow this guide step-by-step. DO make sure to check your results BEFORE putting your eBook out into the world – you want to be the one to take your eBook for a test drive, not one of your precious and valuable readers!

Our eternal gratitude goes out to Guido Henkel for taking the time to put up these blog posts and share his formatting knowledge!

Take pride in your eBook formatting – Guido Henkel: Guido Henkel.

PubMatch Bookshelf – The London Book Fair

Will your book be on display at the London Book Fair? You have until March 25th to sign up for the Pubmatch Bookshelf. This is a great opportunity to get your book in front of a large audience of readers, publishers, agents and distributers. Well worth the price to register, in our opinion.

PubMatch Bookshelf – The London Book Fair.

Jay on Indie Book Discovery!

Some news from Sudden Insight author Jay Norry.
Jay on Indie Book Discovery!.